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Why You Need Professional Gutter Cleaning

Before and After Gutter Cleaning

Happy Fall 🙂 

With September underway, our calendar becomes quite busy with gutter cleaning services. In fact, many clients pre-book their routine gutter cleaning service year after year well in advance. Can’t argue with that logic – with a million things “to do” in Fall this is one thing we can surely take off your plate. 

Here are our top 3 reasons to call Mr Clean Power Washing/Soft Washing Services to have your gutters cleaned: 


Blocked gutters and downspouts prevents rainwater from draining properly. As water overflows from gutters, serious and costly water damage can be caused to both the inside and exterior of your home. 


Climbing up ladders and cleaning gutters is dangerous! In fact, Fall is one of the highest recorded seasons for fall related injuries in the lower mainland. Don’t risk a fall, allow us to take the risk off your shoulders! 


We clean gutters safely and efficiently. Our two person teams and trained technicians use ladders and safety equipment such as harnesses, to do their job the right way. We are insured and in excellent standing with WorkSafe BC. 

In addition to gutter cleaning, Mr Clean Power Washing/Soft Washing Services also offers: house washing, roof moss removal and cleaning, window cleaning and more. Check out our services tab above and don’t hesitate to give us a call for more information.